Here are some of my favorite projects I've worked on:

Lead animation duties on music video for Meg Myers, colored by hundreds of schoolchildren.

(I did the compositing, color correction/grading, lighting and other FX work)

Animated monsters made of hand shadow puppets for the music video for Love Letters by Watsky, directed by Tim Hendrix. Done with a combination of traditional animation, rig-based animation and manipulating footage of my hands. Breakdowns here.

Animated vortex of roller skaters (2:58 - 3:20). Particle-based and keyframe animation in After Effects.

Designed and animated a short cartoon segment.

Animated rough visualizations based on interviews with children.

Other projects include:
Twinnie - Better When I'm Drunk, Motion Graphics
The Great Silence (2018), Motion Graphics
And many, many explainer videos, presentations, commercials etc.